Ask yourself, does your headshot keep you stuck in the past, or does it show off your true potential for the future?

The traditional studio doesn’t care about your success. Shaker Photo stands out from it’s competition since we believe your success is our success. You might be asking yourself, what does a headshot have to do with my success? and how does a picture show my true potential? To make a long answer short, you have to remember that your personal image is your brand, and your brand means everything.

With Shaker Photos’ 50 years of photographic history, we have curated a unique creative look to our headshot imagery. We take two core approaches to creating the successful headshot for our clients – with in studio, and creative outside imagery. Since our portrait studio is conveniently located in Cleveland, we love stepping outside and using the world as our studio.

There is no such thing as a “perfect headshot”. But we believe there are two aspects that every headshot should resemble in order to be effective to your future success. Confidence & Approachability. Traditional studios will stick a person in front of the camera, take a few shots, and you will be on your way with a file sitting in your email by the time you reach your car. This results in nothing short than a waste of time, and an image that can potentially ruin your personal brand.

Investing in a creative studio that will deliver the confidence and approachability to your headshot is a priceless expense to your success. The experience you will receive at Shaker Photo is nothing less than a personal connection. We treat every client as if they are family. Gaining this personal connection helps ease the stress of being in front of the camera, and brings
out your natural confidence.