We understand PhotoBooths are an expected commodity at events and we are here to help! We are not a PhotoBooth business. We are a professional photography studio. As a service to our community, and yours alike, we want to provide a higher quality and seamless experience to make your next PhotoBooth event fun and rememberable for everyone.

Shaker Photo Studios is a family owned & operated studio that takes tremendous pride in treating every client like family. We have been located in Cleveland, Ohio for over 50 years!

We strive to partner with local organizations such as yours. We also understand that you want the very best for everyone. This is why Shaker Photo will be an excellent partner. We are not a volume PhotoBooth business. Our focus is to provide you with a PhotoBooth unlike anything you have ever seen. Shaker Photo will provide high-quality services & products that a volume PhotoBooth business simply cannot accomplish. We treat our clients like family, just like you.

Shaker Photo Studios will provide:

  • Studio Booth – Our unique approach to a PhotoBooth large enough for groups of 8-12 people!
  • All photography equipment.
  • Studio-Quality lighting.
  • Custom graphics & templates for printed pictures and or digital images to match your event.
  • Green-Screen or traditional white background.
  • Exciting PhotoBooth props (general and or theme).
  • 2-3 team members to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You will provide:

  • Approximately a 10×10 space with access to electrical outlets.
  • Advertising for your event with Shaker Photo Studios branding logo.

All Professional PhotoBooth Collections Include:

  • Studio Booth.
  • 2-4 Hours.
  • Digital Images.
  • Instant Upload to Shaker Photo Studios Facebook Page.

Studio Booth 4×6 Prints:

  • Unlimited 4×6 Professional Printing.

Studio Booth 2×6 Strips:

  • Unlimited 2×6 Strips Professional Printing With 3 Poses.

Studio Booth Simply Digital:

Instant Upload to Shaker Photo Studios Facebook Page.

We also have fundraising options available for non-profit organizations!