With over 50 years of history Shaker Photo has been known for it’s nontraditional creative approach that many other studios simply do not offer. Our pricing is competitive, but we look at your senior portraits as an investment of lifetime memories.

There are two types of investments for senior portraits. Here at Shaker Photo we recognize this difference and cater to every type of client.

Our primary type of client recognizes the true creativity of senior portraits. They are looking for Wall Portraits, Senior Books, and Additional Prints to share with family and friends. Typically families can expect to invest between $799-$1799.

For clients that are looking for the basic small prints to share with family members and friends, should expect to invest between $249-$499.

Our Collections are structured to give you the complete senior experience! All Collections offer drawing entries for our FREE iPad Mini Drawing!

We truly believe that your senior portrait investment should not be planned with budget concerns. We understand that money is always a factor, and we are here to help.

When you are ready to order your portrait collections, we will help you select a payment plan that best fits you.

Typically our collections are broken down to 3-4 payments. Booking Retainer, Shoot Date & Ordering Appointment

We accept all major Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal and of course Cash.